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Our highly experienced construction and design team take great consideration in creating modern, comfortable and refined spaces. From property and land acquisition to the design and construction of Multi-residential buildings, Commercial Spaces, and Industrial Complexes, we take tremendous pride in celebrating the incredible talents of our in–house Construction & Design team.

Descon Construction

Descon offers over 20 years of contracting, construction management and development experience.

We are proud to build and design our projects from start to finish because it gives us immense advantages. By having a fully–staffed and growing construction and design team, we can manage our capital and development costs, customize our designs, and add exceptional value to all of our assets.

Let us bring Your Vision to life. Whether a remodel, addition, renovation, or new building construction.


The Design-Build Process

1. Site selection During the predevelopment phase of a project, the owner will seek out appropriate sites to build. …
2. Project conception and feasibility …
3. Preliminary Design and Cost Estimation …
4. Selecting the Design-Build Team …
5. Design phase …
6. Finalizing the contract …
7. Construction phase …
8. Project closeout and post-construction review …

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Popular Questions

What’s the difference between Traditional Design bid build and Design build?

Traditional design-bid-build method, which involves an owner entering into two main contracts. First, the owner contracts the architecture and design process to one firm, then enters a second contract with a general contractor to complete construction on the project.

What is a Design build?

Design-build is a construction project delivery method that has been around for centuries — but there has been a resurgence of interest in applying it to modern construction, In design-build construction, an owner enters into a single contract to cover both the architectural design services and the physical construction of the build, streamlining the collaboration, communication, and coordination process.

What is design build Process?

The design-build method is a construction project delivery model that has gained renewed interest in modern construction. In this approach, an owner enters a single contract to cover both the architectural design services and the physical construction of the project.

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