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Each one of the our project team members has many years of experience working in the construction industry performing various aspects of new builds and renovation projects. They understand the sensitivities of working in many different environments and under very tight deadlines.  Each have experience in the various disciplines required for a project of this size, including management, engineering, accounting, project administration, mechanical, electrical, millwork, drywall, framing, exterior building envelopes, and concrete foundations and finishes. They have a clear understanding of the essential elements required to maintain the project schedule. They all participate in weekly collaborative project meetings to ensure any and all issues that arise are promptly and professionally addressed and the work progresses as intended with all trades.

The most successful teams are skilled professionals trained and working with the latest management and construction software. The Descon team employs anywhere between 15 to 60 personnel, all of which prides itself with utilizing all the newest construction software and building techniques.  Our site supervisory staff are seasoned professionals able to proved leadership mentored through hands on participation.  As a proud member of the Carpenters Union, our team consists of members with state-of-the-art training utilizing facilities across the province at which apprentices can learn and perfect their trade.  Furthermore, our in-house abatement team is fully trained and licensed with exclusive training in specialized tasks including the containment, removal and disposal of hazardous materials. Apprentices of all programs are expected to be familiar with applicable legislation including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Environmental Protection Act and their regulations.


Our commitment to training and apprentice programs allows our team to provide the fullest management expertise in the areas of construction costs, schedules, and market trends to help ensure the project is executed within your fiscal guidelines.


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